Fantastic Fizzy Fun!


On Wednesdays Mini Thor has sensory and speech therapy in the morning and then we have mommy and little man day. This usually includes a trip to the Dollar Tree, for some reason kids love that place! And sometimes we go out for dinner, in which case he often chooses to have “pizza and coke ICEE” from Sams, yeah he’s a cheap date haha. We also do something fun, like blow bubbles if weather allows or fill the bathtub with shaving cream to play in like we did when we had a Snow Day indoors. This time I decided we would have a little science experiment! Oh was he exited at the sound of that! We had fizzy rainbow fun for under $5 with supplies we bought at the Dollar Tree!

What you need…

– Baking Soda
– Vinegar
– Food Coloring
– Bottles or droppers for dropping colored vinegar on to the baking soda
– Container or Tray

Dump the baking soda into the container of your choice. We used a washing tub (from the dollar tree woot woot!)

Fill the bottles with vinegar and add few drops of food


Then let your little one drip vinegar into the tub

Ooooo bubbles!

Mini Thor loved this and played until his bottles of vinegar were empty


Why the fizz? The baking soda is a base and the vinegar is an acid, the chemical reaction between them creates gas aka bubbles 🙂


Mini Thor loved this fun project and requested doing it again as soon as he woke up this morning! It’s a good thing I bought an extra box of baking soda, I have a feeling we will be doing this again.

Have fun exploring and experimenting!


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