Super Summer of AWESOMENESS! (With Printable Summer Bucket List!)

Summer “officially” begins at 12:38pm EDT today when the sun reaches the northernmost point of the equator, or at least so says the Farmers’ Almanac. As usual, MiniThor and I have many plans for living out this summer to the maximum level of AWESOMENESS!  To ensure summer success the little and I came up with a list of activities…Our Summer Bucket List!

You can print one for your family with our handy dandy 2015 Summer Bucket List Printable!  Feel free to print and use our list or create your own list for your little superheroes; be sure to include local options and explore the family fun avaliable in your city!  We love the list on Bluegrass Redhead with summer fun ideas within our community.

MiniThor has been having a blast working through our bucket list!  

We have made several trips to our local spray park, played in the rain any chance we’ve had to do so, had some messy fun with chalk paint (see Our Chalk Paint Recipe for a simple three ingredient recipe for fun!), and we spent a day hiking at Hematite Lake…and many more adventures not pictured!

A summer bucket list gives your family a visual of all the excitement that is in store during those precious summer months.  As this is the summer before my MiniThor starts kindergarten, it is an extra special summer break in which I want to squeeze in as many memory making adventures and days filled with laughter as possible!
Keep making memories,



To blog or not to blog, that is the question…

MiniThor and I are always up to some sort of adventure.  Even though you haven’t seen a blog post from us in about a year, we’ve still been making lots of memories.  I’ve finished my Associated Degree and MiniThor finished preschool and the last year has been quite a whirlwind of excitement!   

   Surviving singlemotherhood while being a full time college student, working, and volunteering, has made for busy days and tired nights.  Writing was pushed to the back burner, but I’ve received request to begin again and I must admit I’ve missed it!  So perhaps you’ll see some post from the world of Kate & MiniThor again soon.