Insta-Awesome Wall Art


Mini Thor and I love to do “projects” together, whether it be drawing pictures to hang on the fridge or doing science experiments (like this fizzing fun). Recently we made a gift for Granmomma, who has been a little stressed lately and needed some cheering up.

I had received an email from Walgreens about how their app now allows printing from Instagram (say what?!) and I was pumped! Instagram‘s 4×4 size makes it hard to print without ordering prints to be shipped to you (which may cost an arm and a leg). The prospect of being able to send them to print right from my phone and be able to pick them up an hour later from the Walgreens that’s a mile away from me had me excited! I updated my app and linked it with my Instagram and Wah-Bam, I ordered photos in seconds for a mere $0.39 per photo! (Plus I had a coupon for 25% off!)


So what does this have to do with making a project…

We used these perfectly sized 4×4 prints to make a photo wall hanging for Granmomma with just a foam board and some modpodge!

Mini Thor helped me pick out which prints to order and then helped me pick out which to use on the project.


Then we arranged them in different ways to figure out where we wanted each picture.


Once we had a plan I laid a measuring stick at the top of the board so that I could (attempt) to keep the rows of photos lined up.


Use a foam brush to paint modpodge on the back of the photo and place it on the foam board. Mini Thor helped me stick them down.


Since the photos had various Instagram effects/frames the fact that everything isn’t perfectly lined up is less noticeable. If you are really OCD you may want to measure and mark your board so that everything is spaced evenly.


I’m going to have to make some of these to hang in my house!

This was quick, easy, and inexpensive (especially compared to what a black photo frame with that many openings would cost).

We are so excited to give this to Granmomma!

We hope you are inspired to make something cool with all of your amazing Instagram photos soon!


Update:  Granmomma Loved It! It is now hanging in her living room!


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