Folders, and pencils, and lunch boxes, Oh My!

MiniThor started kindergarten a couple of days ago!  He was excited and did wonderfully, I was more nervous than he was!

We woke up early, we danced around to his favorite songs,  we spiked the perfect fauxhawk, we packed the backpack, we brushed teeth, we tied the shoes, we smiled big, and we drove to school.  We were excited, we were brave, he went to class… And this mommy cried as soon as he was out of sight!  I knew he’d be fine, I knew he’d have fun, but it was like the ending of a great story.  His early childhood years were over and here I was watching my big kid smile and wave as he walked in line with his classmates, off to start a new adventure and begin a new story.  

Starting kindergarten is this bittersweet combination of both success in that you have prepared your child for this grand new experience and also a moment of it setting in that so many days have past and suddenly your baby wasn’t a baby anymore, the first five years were gone in the blink of an eye.  All the grandmothers in the supermarkets, all the nurses at the doctors visits, all the family members, all the fellow mothers, a those people who told you “it goes by so fast,” we’re right.  There was this tugging at my heart that first day as he walked away, I wondered if I’d enjoyed all those moments enough, had I made memories he would cherish, have I shown enough love, and an overwhelming feeling of “how did it go by so fast?!”  

So to all the mommas out there sending their babies off to school, it’s okay to cry, it’s okay to feel those things… We all do!  You loved them, you watched them grow, you helped them learn, and now look at the great things they will do!  Celebrate in the beginning of this new chapter in their lives, in your lives.  They will continue to grow and YOU get to have a front row seat to all the amazing things ahead!  Hang in their little mommas!  They are going to do a great job in kindergarten because you did great job raising them and loving them! 🙂

Here are some pictures from MiniThor’s first day, including the special “first day” sandwich I made for his lunch 🙂

Keep making memories,