Snow Day Any Day


It’s been raining off and on for a couple days here and that means a toddler stuck indoors on cold wet days. To prevent cabin fever apartment fever I wanted to do a few activities to make the rainy days fun. So how about having a snow day inside?!

My first thought was shaving cream!. Oh man, is there fun to be had with shaving cream! I bought a big can of plain ol’ shaving cream for just a buck at the dollar tree (man I loooove that place, tons if stuff that’s great for sensory boxes). I sprayed the whole can into the bathtub and stood Mini Thor in the fluffy sudsy stuff. He was apprehensive at first but then he had a blast, he probably giggled for half an hour!

When he was done I just wiped him off and then ran the shower for a bit to wash all the shaving cream off the tub. Clean tub and clean boy, plus he was smelling all manly haha.

While he was splattering shaving cream and laughing away, I had a special surprise chilling in the fridge, SNOW! (or well a homemade mixture that feels like snow anyway). I found this idea here at bath activities for kids
Here’s what you need

-baking soda (at least two boxes)
-some stuff for digging (I got an ice cream scoop and a basting brush)
-a little water
I bought everything for about five bucks total!

Here’s the how to..
Dump your baking soda into the container you want to use.
Add water just a little at a time until the baking soda is moldable but not very wet. I filled the ice cream scoop up five times with water and it was the perfect amount.
Mix it all up and let it chill in the fridge for half and hour.

It is amazing how much this stuff is like snow! You can mold it and make little snowmen and snowballs!

I let little man play with this in the tub for easy clean up. Any of it that ends up in the tub just washes down.

We had so much fun with our indoor snow day! Mini Thor told me I was “super duper cool!” And that pretty much made my day! For just a few dollars I made a raining day into a snow day 🙂