Dealing with a diagnosis

Last week Mini Thor had an evaluation with the Weisskopf Child Evaluation Center. We loaded up in the Equinox with a basket if toys and snacks in the backseat and Granmomma in the front seat. Despite some road construction and stopping for a potty break, we arrived just in time. (Note: being on time for things when you have a toddler is quite a victory in itself!)
He was weighed and measured and checked over by a pediatrician, we were asked tons of questions, and he met with a psychiatrist. Then we waited while everyone discussed their results and opinions. After a little waiting, and Mini Thor rearranging the chairs in the waiting room, we were brought into a room to be told the diagnosis.
I thought we would leave with a diagnosis if Autism or Sensory Processing Disorder, but instead I was told he is OCD. The psychiatrist said he is too young to be “officially” diagnosed as OCD so he was being diagnoses as having an Anxiety Disorder and being hypersensitive (hence the sensory issues he deals with). You may be asking yourself, “what does a toddler have to be anxious about?” But it’s not like being nervous about a new job or a date, it’s like an all around all the time anxiety. We were told he was born this way, that it’s genetic, just like his blue eyes. She went on to say that his sensory issues are because of his anxious temperament, he is hypersensitive because he is hyperalert to his surroundings. (She also talked about how brilliant he is, and if course Granmomma said “I’ve always said he’s brilliant!”)
So what does this mean for Mini Thor, well, this means I can explain a little when people say “you have a strange child” and maybe it’ll be easier for family to understand his meltdowns over little things like his socks not being on right. I’m still having trouble really deciding how I feel about it, honestly. It still feels like there is uncertainty there since they can’t “officially” diagnosis him as OCD. But then again, when is life ever certain.
In a few weeks we’ll receive a written report in the mail with recommendations. The psychiatrist said she would send me a list of books that I might want to read, I’m looking forward to that. In the mean time in doing research and thinking of questions to call and ask once I get the report.
But the bottom line is, he is still my funny, quirky, adorable little boy no matter what label he is given. I loved him before his was born and that love has grown as he has. I loved him before diagnosis and I’ll still love him today, tomorrow, and everyday for the rest of forever!
He’s still my Mini Thor and I love him quirks and all 🙂

He’s still the same silly boy who loves to make funny faces with me…


And funny faces with Aunt PeyPey too…


He’s still the same boy whose smile could light up the world…



So we have a diagnosis now, and it’s a relief to have some answers. I know there may be some rough days ahead as we encounter people who won’t understand him and people who will judge (since mental illness often carries a stigma)…but I will always love him! ❤



Survival Tips: Keeping a Sick Toddler Occupied

Mini Thor has been sick like a million billion times this winter/spring! He is currently battling another round of tonsillitis. He feels puny when his fever is up but once that children’s Motrin kicks in he will have a couple hours of energy, he wants to do stuff but he’s whiny and grumpy so normal play just isn’t in order. He wants to be busy but he doesn’t have the get-up-and-go for his usually activities, so this momma has to get creative.

We started the day with a bubble bath and Bath Paints!

We use an empty egg carton to make our paints in. I fill half the spots and leave the other half so that Mini Thor can mix together his own color concoctions. He loves to mix the paints up!

A basting brush makes a great paint brush for little hands!

To make homemade bath paints you’ll need bubble bath/baby wash, cornstarch, and food coloring. Find my instructions here.

We also got in some motor skills practice by making a cut and paste project.

Mini Thor cut up pieces of scrapbook paper and cut out pictures from magazines and glued them onto paper. This is a simple way to keep him occupied, he loves to cut paper and this is good practice.
He did some impressive cutting for someone who isn’t even three yet!

He used colored glue sticks (made by Elmer’s Glue) to stick the pieces on. Who wouldn’t love orange glue?!



We also made a mailbox out of a shoebox! We used the empty box from his Nike sandals and some Superman logo duct tape, simple as that!

I lined up the tape and Mini Thor cut the pieces off for me. We covered the box and then I wrote “MAIL” on top.

We wrote letters back and forth to each other. Every time he opened the “mailbox” he said “oh goodness there’s mail in here!!” in his silly dramatic voice! He is such a ham sometimes!

It’s amazing the fun that can come from a box!

Speaking of simple about making a fort! We made a pretty awesome fort out of our loveseat!



Look at the big smile a fort can bring to a sicky little boy’s face!


When you are stuck in the house all day you have to use what you’ve got to keep the sicky baby occupied. Simple things can bring big smiles! I’m sure I’ll be whipping up some more activities as the day goes on, but for now that’s all I’ve got. I’m one tired momma after not sleeping last night and then keeping “Fuss Bucket McCranky Pants” busy all morning. (When he’s being a grumpy butt I call him that and he usually has to try really hard not to crack a smile). Man, am I looking forward to nap time! When you’ve got a sick munchkin, I always advise taking a nap then they do. You never know how little sleep you may get (or not get) in the coming nights so you might as well take advantage of nap time!

For more sick day ideas see my previous posts…
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I hope these simple ideas can make your sick days a little easier!


Comic Books, Dinos, and Wookie Cookies!

Yesterday was a seriously fun day!!!

We started off with Free Comic Book Day!

Mini Thor, dressed in his Thor gear of course, and mommy with a Marvel shirt on. Even though we arrived at the comic shop just half an hour after they opened they were already buzzing with adults and kids (mostly adults teehee) checking out the latest comics and picking out their free comic book! Mini Thor’s cuteness brought many smiles and “awww”s. He picked out a few comics and got two free comics! Once he had picked out what he wanted he was ready to go read them!


After comic book day we met Granmomma and PeyPey for brunch 🙂


Then it was off to “Discover the Dinosaurs!”

Mini Thor loved looking at all the dinosaurs and he really enjoyed digging for dinosaur bones. Now he has decided he wants to be a paleontologist like Dino Dan when he grows up (and also a rock star and an astronaut).
My little sister’s dinosaur impressions kept us laughing through the exhibit!

After all this fun a nap was in order!

Then it was off to Granmomma’s house to celebrate Star Wars Day, with lightsabers made out if pool noodles and the ingredients to make wookie cookies!

We used my grandmother’s recipe for oatmeal macaroons to make our Wookie Cookies!

I substituted 2 sticks of butter in place of the Crisco and I used walnuts instead of pecans because that is what I had on hand.


You cream the butter, sugars, vanilla, and baking soda, then add the eggs until its all mixed. Next add flour.

Now put that mixer away and get out a big ol spoon. Mix in the oats, coconut, nuts, and mini chocolate chips.

Now make them into little balls and use regular size chocolate chips to make your wookie face!


Some of the faces turned out cute when they baked and some of them not so much but they were all taaaaasty!

Not the wookiest if cookies but Mini Thor loved making them..and eating them!

We absolutely loved our Saturday of celebrating and exploring! Comic book shopping, Dino observing, Lightsaber battles, and Star Wars cookie making! I love doing fun stuff with my Mini Thor!


May the Force be with me!

It’s May Fourth! Happy Star Wars Day! May the “fourth” be with you!

May The Fourth

(Send that e-card to celebrate at

On this magnificent day of geek-itude, this momma is gonna need the FORCE! We have a seriously exciting day planned!

The Mini Thor itinerary for today:

  • We will be starting the morning with Free Comic Book Day! Every year on the first Saturday in May comic book stores around the world celebrate Free Comic Book Day! Participating stores will have select comics to give away and many also offer great deals on other items in their shop. We will be hitting up our local Crash Comics today! Mini Thor plans on shopping for comics in his Thor gear! We just can’t wait! It was at this event last year that Mini Thor picked out his first comic! Find a participating location near you on the FCBD website!
  • Dinosaurs! Dinosaurs! Dinosaurs! That’s what I heard when I woke up this morning. Our second exciting adventure today will be visiting a Dinosaur Exhibit! Mini Thor has requested to wear his explorer vest to see the dinosaurs. 🙂
  • And of course, since it is Star Wars Day we will have to make a Star Wars craft of some kind. (although I haven’t picked one yet, I’m not sure how much energy we will have after all the fun today haha). has some ideas and fun ways for kids to celebrate May the Fourth!

Boy, it is going to be a busy day full of excitement! Woohoo! May the Force be with me, its going to be a crazy adventure!