Back to blogging…hopefully!

Mini Thor and I have had a rather busy the past few months and the blog ended up rather low on the priorities list, But oh I have missed it so! Things got kind of crazy for us for a while.. Little man started preschool in September, then holidays, and we’ve had doctors appointment and procedures out the wazoo (which are getting complicated to schedule, how many times am I going to end up saying “we need a different time, he’s scheduled to see dr. -insert name- that day,” seriously, so many appointments), and of course the normal intensity that is being a single mother to a high-needs child / full-time college student / office manager at a non-profit….Needless to say, we’ve had a lot on our plate. Things are settling down now it seems, well other than the normal busy. Mini Thor is on an every 3mo with one doctor and every 6mo with two other doctors, and -knock on wood- we have all the procedures and test out of the way now.
We’ve still been making memories and having fun, there just has not been time to blog them. Maybe now we can start sharing again!
Plus, we are embarking on a new adventure. Mini Thor has been put on a Dairy-Free diet. We will be trying out recipes so hopefully we will have some to share!

Wishing everyone a wonderful and rockin’ 2014! Keep making memories,
-Kate & Mini Thor