Dairy-Free things that don’t totally suck

With a multi-allergy kiddo, I have discovered many awesome allergy friendly foods.  MiniThor definitely has his favorites and to help out any other dairy-free families out there, we’ve started a list of dairy-free foods that have the MiniThor Seal of Approval!

-His Beloved Vegan “Cheese”


Daiya Foods cheddar style slices and shreds are on literally every single grocery list we make.  MiniThor loves this vegan alternative to cheese.  We use their various flavors of “cheese” for making sandwiches, pizzas, and even cheese stuffed pretzels!

-MiniThor’s Favorite Mac & “Cheese”

Dairy Free Rice Mac & Cheeze

Amy’s Kitchen Vegan & Gluten Free Mac & Cheeze  get’s MiniThor’s vote for best dairy-free mac&cheese!  This is individual size and believe me, he will eat the whole thing!  These can be cooked in the microwave, in three and a half minutes you’ve got cheesy goodness!  Amy’s has many vegan options from pizzas to burritos, they’ve got it! We also like Daiya’s Cheezy Mac when cooking for the whole family.

-Pizza Pizza Pizza!


Ian’s Natural Foods French Bread Pizzas are one of MiniThor’s most favorite things!  These are great to keep in the freezer for quick meals.  They are free of many allergens without lacking in taste!  You won’t even know these are allergy friendly!  We also love Daiya’s Fire Roasted Vegetable Pizza!  MiniThor loves pizza so we tend to keep several options in the freezer at all times, we also make our own personal pizzas using pita bread or tortillas.

– Yo Yo Yo Yogurt

Strawberry Yogurt Alternative

So Delicous Strawberry Yogurt Alternative is MiniThor’s absolute fav dairy-free “yogurt.”  They have several other flavors, vanilla is his second favorite, but he request the strawberry yogurt for breakfast almost every day.  He likes to eat it with fresh berries mixed in.  There are a few other brands of DF yogurt out there, Silk and Daiya have their own versions, but we must say that the So Delicious (cultured coconut milk) yogurt alternative is our favorite.  So Delicious has many diary free products, I for one love their coffee creamers!

-What is cereal without milk?

Silk Original Cashewmilk

Silk’s “Original” Cashewmilk is the only milk alternative MiniThor wants for his cereal.  We have tried MANY different nut milks and different brands and this is the one he has settled on.  And he only wants the “original” flavor, one time I bought him the vanilla and he just would not have it, haha.  Everyone has their preference when it comes to milk alternatives, you just have to find what works for you and your family.

-Everyone NEEDS Chocolate Milk

Dark Chocolate Almondmilk

Silk Dark Chocolate Almondmilk is the favorite for chocolate flavored milk alternatives.  MiniThor looooves this stuff!  It also comes in single serving boxes which are great for packing in lunches!

-I scream, you scream, we all scream for dairy-free ice cream!

Minis Coconut Almond Bars

We always have Minis Coconut Almond Bars in our freezer!  Whether you can have dairy or not, these are amazing!  MiniThor loves these!  When you are grabbing some of these out of the grocer’s freezer, go ahead and grab so of the other So Delicious Dairy Free Desserts, we have yet to try one that we didn’t love.

-Replace those Cheez-its


You would have thought the kid had won the lottery with how excited he was the first time we found Earth Balance Vegan Cheddar Flavor Squares!  Cheez-its are often a snack at school and MiniThor was feeling rather heartbroken about being left out.  Luckily, Earth Balance had our back!  These “cheese” crackers are amazing!  The first time we bought them, the box didn’t even make it two days!

-Butter that bread with some buttery spread


We also love Earth Balance for their Buttery Spread.  It is heavenly on toast!  We’ve also used it to replace butter while cooking.  We make some killer dairy free quesadillas using this buttery spread, the daiya cheese we mentioned above, some taco seasoning, and some organic black beans!

-Backpack Snack

SkinnyPop Original

MiniThor has a serious love for Skinny Pop Popcorn It comes in big bags and also single serving packs which make it great for sending in the backpack for snack time!  We also like to take Skinny Pop with us to the drive-in movie!



When it comes to chocolate bars for treats or chocolate chips for baking, we know we can trust Enjoy Life Foods!


-Other things we love that are dairy free that perhaps you didn’t expect..

  • Oreos
  • Pillsbury Crescent Roll Dough
  • Many of the Duncan Hines Cake Mixes (some flavors do have dairy, so be sure to check the labels)  Try our (Dairy-Free) Double Dark Chocolate Fudge Cookies that you can easily make with cake mix!
  • Sweet Chili Doritos (these are the only Doritos that are dairy free, but we’ll take it!)

-We gave you some pre-made foods and snack options here, but we also like to cook up fresh foods as well.  We love Skinny Taste for great recipes, they even have a dairy free section on their website!

We hope this post opens up some new options for you!  We will add to this list as we find more products that are MiniThor-friendly and that get his seal of approval.  If you have found a great dairy-free product, please comment below to clue us in!


(Product photos included in this webpage are from the product websites linked)

New Year’s Resolution: Positive Perspective


Oh I cannot even begin to count how many “new year -new you” themed posts, ads, and commercials I’ve encountered during the last week.  Ugh!  Why should we suddenly decide on January 1st that we are not good enough? Why do we suddenly thrust upon ourselves a spirit of discontentment?  We seem to take this time of year to find all of our negatives that need “fixing,” ironically so, right after a season in which we are to be thankful and joyful.  Personally, I don’t want to think of myself as being broken or below par.  My New Years resolution won’t be about getting thin or doing more cardio (although I probably legit need more cardio)… My resolution will focus on seeing the positives that already exist all around me and within me every single day.

Kate and MiniThor’s New Year Resolution: Positive Perspective

I want to see the good in every day, in every person, in every adventure…

This probably seems like a simple task but sometimes we just straight up have bad days and it is on those days that this concept turns out to be not so simple after all.  Some days the bad seems to just compile and compile and we feel like we are stuck down in a hole we can’t get back out of.  So how do we crawl up out of that hole?!  Find some good things down there buried under the bad. Look for three good things that happened that day. 

This has become a nightly practice in my home. It is part of our bedtime routine.  I tuck MiniThor in, I read him a book, and then I ask him, “tell me three good things about today.”  This is two-fold, he is looking for and expressing positives from his day and I am hearing positives that always seem to melt my heart into a puddle.  After we talk about our three good things I ask him what was his very best part of that day.  Today he replied, “that you love me!”  Let me just tell you, I smiled so big I must have been glowing!

I encourage you to give it a try too.  Look for the positives in your day.  Sometimes it’s tough, but the good is there, even if you have to dig for it. You may have overslept and had to rush to work..but you have a job and can provide for your family.  You may have a sink full of dishes waiting to be washed.. But you cooked a healthy meal for your family, you had food to feed them.  You may have been super busy today.. But look at how much you accomplished!

Try asking your kiddos for “three good things” from their day.  Not only will you gain insight into their daily lives, but you will also gain some positive perspective yourself. Chances are one of their good things will be something you did with them that day. It’s moments like that which make us parents feel like superheroes!  So go on, look for the good, and be your awesome superhero self this year!