Paintbrush-less Painting (ideas from the little man himself!)

Mini Thor LOOOOOOOVES art projects, and the last couple of days he’s been basically addicted to watercolor painting, filling up a couple canvas panels everyday. I love watching him create!

Recently, I had a pipette out adding a little water to each of the watercolor paints so that it would be easier for him to use them, when Mini Thor asked for more paper. I went and grab a canvas board out of the closet and when came back he was using the pipette to drip paint onto the masterpiece he was working on. Genius!!! Painting with a pipette, why didn’t I think of that?!?!


I’m telling you, this kid is going to grow up to be an artist!


What did he do next? He used the water cup as a painting tool!

We go through a lot of Dole fruit cups in this house, I wash the cups and we reuse them for water cups while painting, dipping cups for ketchup and other sauces at mealtimes, and for small snacks too!


He used the empty bowl (the water had spilled out a few minutes before) to make circle designs in his painting!


You can also paint around the edge and use the bowl like a stamp!

He has created some beautiful pieces!



I will be making one of our living room walls into a gallery wall to display his work! He is just thrilled about this idea and that makes my heart happy 🙂




Egg-citing Bath and Peeps S’mores!


Every holiday is full of excitement around here! We spend the time leading up to the actual holiday celebrating too. You’ll always find our windows decorated, we watch holiday movies, and we do holiday activities.

Check out one of our Easter activities……..
Glow-in-the-dark Egg the tub!

I purchased a pack of eggs at Walmart and some glow bracelets from the dollar tree

To make your glow eggs, activate the glow sticks and roll them to where they will fit into the egg.

Put the glow stick bracelets in eggs that match, (Orange glow stick in an orange egg, green glow stick in a green egg) for the maximum glow.
We had some dud glow sticks and there were a couple Mini Thor wanted to keep out so we ended up with about a dozen glowing eggs.

Then I ran a bubble bath (using California Baby Bubble Bath) and let water into the eggs so that they would float below the bubbles.

Mini Thor then hunted they eggs and lines them up on the bathtub ledge

After he had found all the eggs he dumped them back in the tub and played for a good while!

You could also hide the glowing eggs throughout your house and have an indoor egg hunt before bed!

We also had some more Easter fun by making s’more kits for Mini Thor to take to school (and we had to eat some too of course)

The inspiration came from this post by Live-Love-Pasta that gives directions on how to make s’mores out of peeps! (Mini Thor looooooves Peeps!)

Here’s the how to…
-Place chocolate on a graham cracker and top with a peep. We used blue bunnies.
-Microwave for 10-15 seconds.
-Top with another graham cracker.
-Enjoy the sweet gooey goodness!

We put the ingredients in bags with the instructions and a note saying “Hoppy Easter to my Peeps!” These would be cute additions to any Easter basket or gift!


Happy Easter from us! May your kiddos find lots of eggs!

“Get the Wiggles Out” Dice

It’s been one of those days where Mini Thor is a crazy ball of energy and I can’t get anything done, not even folding the towels! I needed something to for him to put is energy towards as opposed to wrecking the house haha

It was time to play a Get the Wiggles Out game.

I wrote different things on each side of a foam dice, like “dance silly” and “wiggle your arms”

Mini Thor rolls the dice and acts on what it says.

Dance Silly!

Touch your nose then touch your nose!


This activity helped him burn off some energy and let him calm down enough that he could actually sit down and eat lunch.


Sick Day (again)


Mini Thor seems to be a germ magnet, the past few months he has been sick more than he has been well! The past couple days I’ve been home with him and we’ve been pretty much quarantined in the house.

You probably know how it goes, most of the time he just lays around but sometimes when the medicines are all kicked in at the same time he has a little energy and needs something to do.

We’ve played a lot of Legos

We built towers, houses, and all sorts creations!

Lego Duplo are great for sick day play because of how easy they are to clean, just fill a sink up with water and vinegar and soak and scrub em’. You can also use a natural cleaner, like Babyganics Toy Cleaner. (I love babyganics products!). If your kiddo is down with something contagious, cleaning the toys is important to prevent the spread of germs.

Kid friendly broad games are also a fun way to pass the time on a sick day! We love the Toy Story edition of Yahtzee Jr., it says 4+ but Mini Thor, who is 2 1/2 years old, plays it just fine.

The sad thing is, he almost always beats me!

We also do “feel better baths” at least once a day. This would be a bath using California Baby Eucalyptus Ease Bubble Bath, like in our previous sick day post. This stuff is amazing! We played with foam letters and numbers to keep him occupied so he would stay in the tub long enough for his fever to break and the aromatherapy from the bubble bath to work its magic.
He said that says “mommy.”


We also tried out something new, “Be Kool” Soft Gel Sheets. These are handy! They are stick on gel sheets that provide cooling relief without having to be put in the fridge first. You know how sometimes when you are sick you put a cool rag on your forehead or the back of your neck, these provide that same effect (and comfort) with no mess.

I cut them in half so they are a more suitable size for Mini Thor.

You just peel of the clear sheet off of the blue gel side and place them on your little one.

Mini Thor particularly likes them on the back of his neck, he says “ahhhhh” when I stick it on.

These will be something we keep stocked in the medicine cabinet right along side the children’s Motrin.

Hopefully little mister will be better soon. I tell you what, breathing treatments every 4 hours is no fun!


The Dirt Box


Mini Thor amazes me with the progress he has made with regards to his “sensory issues,” he has come so far with his texture sensitivity. One of the ways to help children overcome or cope with sensory issues is through sensory boxes. I have made a few that we cycle through, but one of his favorites is what he calls the “dirt box.” I made it using what is commonly called “cloud dough.” I first saw cloud dough on Growing A Jeweled Rose, she has tons of sensory ideas on here site, check them out here.

The first time I introduced cloud dough to little man he couldn’t stand it. Eventually, after having the box out several times, he put his hands in it. He would go wash his hands several times while playing but eventually he got to where he loved digging and playing in his “dirt box”.

I recently made a fresh box of cloud’s the how to..

What you need
– 2lb bag of flour
– 1/2 cup of baby oil
– A container with a lid
– dropcloth or newspaper to put under the box if a little one will be exploring indoors


Dump the flour into your container and add the baby oil. You kind of have to cut in the oil with a fork like you would butter in a crumb topping, sorry that’s the only thing I could think of to describe it haha (I’m a goofball)

Then add some toys and something to dig with and let the fun begin. (I put an ice cream scoop in there with some trucks and a few little animals from the dollar tree)

I let him play with his dirt box in the living room, I put a garbage bag under the box to catch some of the mess but this stuff vacuums up really easily. For me, it’s easier to vacuum it up out of the carpet than to get it swept up in the kitchen.

The cloud dough runs through fingers just like flour but is moldable because of the oil mixed in, making it a great material for sensory play!


If your feeling brave you an let them explore with their little toes too!

He loved that part, haha. Needless to say, we needed a bath after this fun 🙂


Play-doh Prints


Little man loooooves play-doh, me not so much, but hey sometimes you gotta let kids be kids right? This morning he wanted to bust out the play-doh out and I thought we’d do something different.

I pulled out the bucket of dollar tree and happy meal toys and grabbed a few cars as well and we had a little experiment.

We looked at the bottoms of each toy and than made prints with them in the play-doh.

Mini Thor was excited to see what kinds of prints we could make. I loved seeing him experiment and discover.
(For older kids, this could be used to teach the scientific method, have them make a hypothesis of what print an item will make and then test it)

We also made prints with different vehicle toys and compared the tracks they made.

And of course Mini Thor had to see what kind of print he would leave 🙂

It’s amazing how a few items you have laying around can led to a little science experiment and tons of smiles 🙂


Fantastic Fizzy Fun!


On Wednesdays Mini Thor has sensory and speech therapy in the morning and then we have mommy and little man day. This usually includes a trip to the Dollar Tree, for some reason kids love that place! And sometimes we go out for dinner, in which case he often chooses to have “pizza and coke ICEE” from Sams, yeah he’s a cheap date haha. We also do something fun, like blow bubbles if weather allows or fill the bathtub with shaving cream to play in like we did when we had a Snow Day indoors. This time I decided we would have a little science experiment! Oh was he exited at the sound of that! We had fizzy rainbow fun for under $5 with supplies we bought at the Dollar Tree!

What you need…

– Baking Soda
– Vinegar
– Food Coloring
– Bottles or droppers for dropping colored vinegar on to the baking soda
– Container or Tray

Dump the baking soda into the container of your choice. We used a washing tub (from the dollar tree woot woot!)

Fill the bottles with vinegar and add few drops of food


Then let your little one drip vinegar into the tub

Ooooo bubbles!

Mini Thor loved this and played until his bottles of vinegar were empty


Why the fizz? The baking soda is a base and the vinegar is an acid, the chemical reaction between them creates gas aka bubbles 🙂


Mini Thor loved this fun project and requested doing it again as soon as he woke up this morning! It’s a good thing I bought an extra box of baking soda, I have a feeling we will be doing this again.

Have fun exploring and experimenting!

Snow Day Any Day


It’s been raining off and on for a couple days here and that means a toddler stuck indoors on cold wet days. To prevent cabin fever apartment fever I wanted to do a few activities to make the rainy days fun. So how about having a snow day inside?!

My first thought was shaving cream!. Oh man, is there fun to be had with shaving cream! I bought a big can of plain ol’ shaving cream for just a buck at the dollar tree (man I loooove that place, tons if stuff that’s great for sensory boxes). I sprayed the whole can into the bathtub and stood Mini Thor in the fluffy sudsy stuff. He was apprehensive at first but then he had a blast, he probably giggled for half an hour!

When he was done I just wiped him off and then ran the shower for a bit to wash all the shaving cream off the tub. Clean tub and clean boy, plus he was smelling all manly haha.

While he was splattering shaving cream and laughing away, I had a special surprise chilling in the fridge, SNOW! (or well a homemade mixture that feels like snow anyway). I found this idea here at bath activities for kids
Here’s what you need

-baking soda (at least two boxes)
-some stuff for digging (I got an ice cream scoop and a basting brush)
-a little water
I bought everything for about five bucks total!

Here’s the how to..
Dump your baking soda into the container you want to use.
Add water just a little at a time until the baking soda is moldable but not very wet. I filled the ice cream scoop up five times with water and it was the perfect amount.
Mix it all up and let it chill in the fridge for half and hour.

It is amazing how much this stuff is like snow! You can mold it and make little snowmen and snowballs!

I let little man play with this in the tub for easy clean up. Any of it that ends up in the tub just washes down.

We had so much fun with our indoor snow day! Mini Thor told me I was “super duper cool!” And that pretty much made my day! For just a few dollars I made a raining day into a snow day 🙂