Comic Books, Dinos, and Wookie Cookies!

Yesterday was a seriously fun day!!!

We started off with Free Comic Book Day!

Mini Thor, dressed in his Thor gear of course, and mommy with a Marvel shirt on. Even though we arrived at the comic shop just half an hour after they opened they were already buzzing with adults and kids (mostly adults teehee) checking out the latest comics and picking out their free comic book! Mini Thor’s cuteness brought many smiles and “awww”s. He picked out a few comics and got two free comics! Once he had picked out what he wanted he was ready to go read them!


After comic book day we met Granmomma and PeyPey for brunch 🙂


Then it was off to “Discover the Dinosaurs!”

Mini Thor loved looking at all the dinosaurs and he really enjoyed digging for dinosaur bones. Now he has decided he wants to be a paleontologist like Dino Dan when he grows up (and also a rock star and an astronaut).
My little sister’s dinosaur impressions kept us laughing through the exhibit!

After all this fun a nap was in order!

Then it was off to Granmomma’s house to celebrate Star Wars Day, with lightsabers made out if pool noodles and the ingredients to make wookie cookies!

We used my grandmother’s recipe for oatmeal macaroons to make our Wookie Cookies!

I substituted 2 sticks of butter in place of the Crisco and I used walnuts instead of pecans because that is what I had on hand.


You cream the butter, sugars, vanilla, and baking soda, then add the eggs until its all mixed. Next add flour.

Now put that mixer away and get out a big ol spoon. Mix in the oats, coconut, nuts, and mini chocolate chips.

Now make them into little balls and use regular size chocolate chips to make your wookie face!


Some of the faces turned out cute when they baked and some of them not so much but they were all taaaaasty!

Not the wookiest if cookies but Mini Thor loved making them..and eating them!

We absolutely loved our Saturday of celebrating and exploring! Comic book shopping, Dino observing, Lightsaber battles, and Star Wars cookie making! I love doing fun stuff with my Mini Thor!