Monsterrific Jellotastic Movie Night

Mini Thor loooooves the Disney Pixar Movie “Monsters, Inc.” With the new Monster University movie coming out this month there is Monsters stuff all over Walmart. He spotted a Jell-O juggler mold with the faces of a few characters right next to “berry scary” flavored jell-o, so of course we just couldn’t pass it up! There were a couple other jell-o uses that I’d been wanting to try as well, so I thought we’d just make a night of it. A Monsterrific Jellotastic Movie Night!

First we made Jello-Jigglers so they could sit for three hours in the fridge and be ready for dessert after supper.
This is the end result…


They turned out awesome and Mini Thor loved them!

Next I fixed “Monster Snacks” for us to eat while we watch the movie. I made Jello Grapes and they were a hit! (There are many many posts out there with this idea so I’m not sure who actually came up with this genius snack.)
Here’s the how to..

Mini Thor and Aunt PeyPey both loved them! They were gobbled up quickly and I had to make a second batch!


(You may want to use a lighter colored jello if you are worried about messy fingers)

Next we made some “Jel-doh,” homemade play-do using jello mix! I’m kind of weird (which you may have guessed already) and I just can’t stand the smell that store bought play-doh leaves on your hands, yuck! so when I found a recipes for making this scented dough I just had to try it! If you have a little one who may be tempted to taste play-doh this dough might be a good trial before using other modeling clays with them.  If they eat this it won’t do any harm, although I can’t imagine it tasting very well. 

Here’s the how-to…

In a small saucepan combine the following:

– 1 cup flour
– 1/2 cup salt
– 1 Tbsp cooking oil
– 2 tsp cream of tartar
– 1 cup water
– 1 (3oz) package of Jello

Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until the dough becomes the consistency of mash potatoes.

Remove from pot and cool on a lightly flour surface.

When it has cooled enough, kneed the dough thoroughly.

(Store in an air tight container when not in use.)

We put our Jel-do to use as soon as it was cool! We made it into MONSTERS!

We used googly eyes (I love googly eyes!!!), pipe cleaners, and pompoms to make silly monsters!

Mini Thor was occupied by this for like half and hour, which is a very long time for a two year old!

I loved making jel-doh monsters with my little monster! We made many monster friends!


We ended up watching Monsters, Inc. a couple times and we had lots of monster fun!!!



The Dirt Box


Mini Thor amazes me with the progress he has made with regards to his “sensory issues,” he has come so far with his texture sensitivity. One of the ways to help children overcome or cope with sensory issues is through sensory boxes. I have made a few that we cycle through, but one of his favorites is what he calls the “dirt box.” I made it using what is commonly called “cloud dough.” I first saw cloud dough on Growing A Jeweled Rose, she has tons of sensory ideas on here site, check them out here.

The first time I introduced cloud dough to little man he couldn’t stand it. Eventually, after having the box out several times, he put his hands in it. He would go wash his hands several times while playing but eventually he got to where he loved digging and playing in his “dirt box”.

I recently made a fresh box of cloud’s the how to..

What you need
– 2lb bag of flour
– 1/2 cup of baby oil
– A container with a lid
– dropcloth or newspaper to put under the box if a little one will be exploring indoors


Dump the flour into your container and add the baby oil. You kind of have to cut in the oil with a fork like you would butter in a crumb topping, sorry that’s the only thing I could think of to describe it haha (I’m a goofball)

Then add some toys and something to dig with and let the fun begin. (I put an ice cream scoop in there with some trucks and a few little animals from the dollar tree)

I let him play with his dirt box in the living room, I put a garbage bag under the box to catch some of the mess but this stuff vacuums up really easily. For me, it’s easier to vacuum it up out of the carpet than to get it swept up in the kitchen.

The cloud dough runs through fingers just like flour but is moldable because of the oil mixed in, making it a great material for sensory play!


If your feeling brave you an let them explore with their little toes too!

He loved that part, haha. Needless to say, we needed a bath after this fun 🙂


Bath Paints!


In my little home we do something fun everyday, after all smiles and giggles from a little one are pretty much the best thing ever! One activity that Mini Thor really loves is painting. I have stacks and stacks of his paintings. He even has a huge painting hanging in his room that he is super proud of.

He also loves taking baths and would probably stay in the tub all day if you’d let him. So why not combine two of his favorite things?! Thus the adventure of bath paint was born! I’d seen several recipes on Pinterest and we decided to try a recipe I found on More than ABC’s and 123’s it uses just three ingredients, cornstarch, baby wash/bubble bath, and food coloring!

We made our paint in an empty egg carton.
Here’s the how-to..
– Fill the openings halfway with baby wash (I used babyganics hypoallergenic bubble bath so that I knew it wouldn’t irritate his skin).
– Add 1/2 tsp of cornstarch to each
– Add 2 drops of food coloring to each and mix!
– Now it’s time to paint!

Mini Thor had a blast


And the best part washes off easily! You can just wipe it off with a wet rag or rinse with the shower! Mini Thor even cleaned his paint off himself by filling a cup with water and poring it on the shower wall. The paint just washed right off. So basically your bath tub can now be a never ending canvas for munchkin creativity!
This would also be a fun way to teach colors and let them experiment with what happens when you mix colors together!
Plus, if you encourage finger painting as well as brush painting this is a sensory activity too!
Don’t you just love it when learning is fun?!?!

I hope you get to make these paints soon,