Dear Moms, Negative Self-talk Has to Stop

Dear Moms,
The negative self-talk has to stop! You have to be confident and happy with yourself for your children to be happy and confident in their own skin. We expect confidence in our children, why do we not expect this of ourselves. It’s time we lead by example, with our actions and with our words. Today I’m calling you to a revolution, this is why.

A few weeks ago, my Mini Thor dropped his bowl of dry Apple Jacks, the bowl bounces a few times on the floor and the cereal scattered across the floor. His normal reaction would be to ask for new cereal and to get his little “scooper” (mini broom and dust pan set) and clean up his mess, but what happened instead was a moment that caused me utter heartbreak. He looked at me and said “I just keep messing things up.”
I lump rose in my throat and my brain quickly flooded with questions, why would he say that?! why would he feel that way?! Why has my spunky kid, who always hears me tell him how great he is feeling like he is messing up?! My mind raced as I told him, “it’s okay, just an accident, no big deal, you didn’t mess anything thing up buddy.”
….then it hit me… Those were my words coming out of his mouth… My heart sunk. I had said that very same sentence about myself when I’d dropped and broken a jar of pasta sauce a few days before. It had been one of those days we all have where nothing seems to go right and I was worn. My actions, my own negative self-talk, that was wearing off on my child. Maybe I hadn’t realized it before, be he had listened to my negative self-talk and now he was applying it to himself, it crushed me. MY lack of confident, MY feeling bad about myself on a tough day, MY actions….now his words. I began to wonder, how many times have I spoken down about myself in front of others, in front of him. That day I decided it was time I made a change. That was it, enough was enough. No more “I’m getting fat,” “I don’t look good today,” no more “I can’t do that,” or “I’m not good enough,” NO MORE It’s time to be an example!

Dear Moms,
The negative self-talk has to stop!
It is time to love yourself. Could you love yourself like you love your children? Just as you are? For your strengths? Seeing your beauty?

I am Kate
I am strong
I am beautiful
I am confident and comfortable in who I am.

I am a mother filled with love and joy

I am silly
I love laughter

I make goofy faces

I have curves and that’s okay, I am beautiful

I have freckles and some times rather wild hair and that’s okay, I am beautiful, even in the morning before I get ready

I am Kate
I am Confident

The negative self-talk is over, the confidence is here, for my own sake, for my child’s sake. I am loving myself.

Dear moms,
You are beautiful.

I challenge you, fellow mothers, fellow women, to find your confidence and end the negative self-talk. Let’s start a revolution for the sake of our children. This is your call to action, be confident so that your children can be confident! Believe in yourself and they will follow your lead!

You are beautiful.
You are strong.
You are capable of greatness.
It’s time as mothers we start believing on these things!!!

Keep making memories,

(If you make a commitment to stop your negative self-talk and restart your confidence we’d love to hear about it, share it in the comments here or on our Facebook or Twitter!)