Allergy Kid Lunch Packing Plan (to prevent panicking) Including a Printable!

  If you’ve read our previous posts, you know that MiniThor has multiple food allergies and sensitives.  Soooo obviously school provided lunches are not an option for him.  This was one of the major deciding factors in keeping him in his daycare preschool instead of public “Head Start” preschool.  His daycare provided him with meals he could eat, even if they had to cook something different for him than the other kids.  But alas, it is now time for kindergarten (tear~tear) and that means there is no choice but to pack his lunch everyday.  I will admit I find this a but terrifying just to think about, let alone the actual packing.  Thankfully, the wonderful world of Pinterest exist and I have been able to take a peek at what other mommas pack their kiddos (some people are insanely over-the-top detailed and creative making bento boxes that would make Walt Disney jealous, but seriously “ain’t nobody got time for that!”).

As with all things in life, planning ahead gives you an advantage.  I know that I would only increase (my already high) stress level if I waiting until the morning of every morning to pack a lunch.  We are already a very busy Super Duo.  In order to stay organized and plan ahead I created a printable weekly school lunch planner!  

 Print our PDF by clinking >>> School lunch planner, we hope this will be a stress reducer for the busy moms out there!

A practice lunch plan

MiniThor picked out the color scheme for the printable and sat next to me offering his “helpful” input and we chit-chatted about lunch ideas.  

Our printable includes a notes section and a grocery list section.  This allows you to write out any items you need to buy or prepare ahead of time.

I plan to prep as much of the lunches as possible on Sunday evenings so that minimal packing is needed to get the lunchbox ready to go each day.  I’m sure there will be some trial and error as we venture on this new adventure.  I’ll share tips as I can.  Keep an eye out for a future posts with some of our packed lunches throughout the school year.