Painter’s Tape + Imagination

Mini Thor has been sick again…yes, again! He hates being stuck inside all day so this momma has to get creative. This time we put a roll of blue painters tape to some fun uses!

How about indoor hopscotch for those times when the Motrin is working and your sick kid suddenly has a burst of energy?



Or our new favorite sick day activity… Making roads with the tape for cars to drive on.

I made a tunnel and a garage using the empty box and Mini Thor helped me make the roads using the painters tape. He picked out some cars to drive around and we made some buildings out of Lego Duplo blocks!


Wonderful Granmomma even got in on the fun when she stopped by with some food for us!

She was pretty darn good at making voices for the Lego people. I’d post the video of he grandpa Lego voice but she’d kick my butt! Haha!

Mini Thor makes amazing houses!


I wonder what else we could do with the painters tape?



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