Been away for a while now

So we’ve been missing in action lately huh?! We’ve been having lots of fun of course but I kinda suck at time management and getting blog posts finished and published hasn’t been happening lately haha. In fact, I have several partially written post that need finishing.

I don’t know about you, but being a mommy sometimes means that your lucky to get a chance to eat let alone do the stuff you want to do haha!

To me, what’s important is making sure that my son feels loved and making memories with him! 🙂 Therefore, sometimes the toys stay in the floor and the dishes stay in the sink…aaaaand sometimes the blog gets neglected haha.

So to tide you over until I get some posts published (like my famous fried chicken nuggets recipe, how to make ninja turtle ooze, and some other fun stuffs!) here are some adorably awesome pictures of Mini Thor from during our blogging absence 🙂

Being adorable in his Aunt PeyPey’s sunglasses!


Playing in puddles!


and his first time fishing!!!


We hope you get to make some memories of your own today 🙂

A big thank you to everyone who follows the blog and our Facebook!



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