Survival Tips: Keeping a Sick Toddler Occupied

Mini Thor has been sick like a million billion times this winter/spring! He is currently battling another round of tonsillitis. He feels puny when his fever is up but once that children’s Motrin kicks in he will have a couple hours of energy, he wants to do stuff but he’s whiny and grumpy so normal play just isn’t in order. He wants to be busy but he doesn’t have the get-up-and-go for his usually activities, so this momma has to get creative.

We started the day with a bubble bath and Bath Paints!

We use an empty egg carton to make our paints in. I fill half the spots and leave the other half so that Mini Thor can mix together his own color concoctions. He loves to mix the paints up!

A basting brush makes a great paint brush for little hands!

To make homemade bath paints you’ll need bubble bath/baby wash, cornstarch, and food coloring. Find my instructions here.

We also got in some motor skills practice by making a cut and paste project.

Mini Thor cut up pieces of scrapbook paper and cut out pictures from magazines and glued them onto paper. This is a simple way to keep him occupied, he loves to cut paper and this is good practice.
He did some impressive cutting for someone who isn’t even three yet!

He used colored glue sticks (made by Elmer’s Glue) to stick the pieces on. Who wouldn’t love orange glue?!



We also made a mailbox out of a shoebox! We used the empty box from his Nike sandals and some Superman logo duct tape, simple as that!

I lined up the tape and Mini Thor cut the pieces off for me. We covered the box and then I wrote “MAIL” on top.

We wrote letters back and forth to each other. Every time he opened the “mailbox” he said “oh goodness there’s mail in here!!” in his silly dramatic voice! He is such a ham sometimes!

It’s amazing the fun that can come from a box!

Speaking of simple about making a fort! We made a pretty awesome fort out of our loveseat!



Look at the big smile a fort can bring to a sicky little boy’s face!


When you are stuck in the house all day you have to use what you’ve got to keep the sicky baby occupied. Simple things can bring big smiles! I’m sure I’ll be whipping up some more activities as the day goes on, but for now that’s all I’ve got. I’m one tired momma after not sleeping last night and then keeping “Fuss Bucket McCranky Pants” busy all morning. (When he’s being a grumpy butt I call him that and he usually has to try really hard not to crack a smile). Man, am I looking forward to nap time! When you’ve got a sick munchkin, I always advise taking a nap then they do. You never know how little sleep you may get (or not get) in the coming nights so you might as well take advantage of nap time!

For more sick day ideas see my previous posts…
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I hope these simple ideas can make your sick days a little easier!



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