Stress less, Snuggle more


It’s been a rough few months for me and little mister. He has been sick A LOT, I mean basically constantly. This winter we’ve dealt with a horrid stomach virus that landed him in the hospital, 7 (count’em 7!!) ear infections (two after having tubes put in!) three bouts of tonsillitis, two bouts of bronchitis, strep throat, an upper respiratory infection, a couple viral infections, and who knows how many colds (literally I’ve lost count)! This has meant many days of missing work and class for me and many days of being down and out for sweet Mini Thor. This has made me a bit of a stress ball lately, but monday while I was holding my sicky little boy as he fell asleep for a nap I realized I better just slow down and enjoy the moments (sick moments or not). I’m just a few years from being gross..then a few more years and I’ll be embarrassing..then a couple more years and I won’t know anything…and many many years down the line I’ll get the “mom, you were right” moments. But for now, I have a little boy who wants to sit in my lap and I’m going to cherish it. One day I’ll be looking back missing the moments that went by oh so quickly. In honor of my pledge to stress less and snuggle more I give you…

Moments from Mini Thor: A few funny and sweet moments from the past few weeks…

MT: “Mommy’s hair pretty”
Me: “thank you, baby cakes!”
MT: “mommy’s eyes pretty”
Me: “aww, thank you”
MT: “mommy’s nose pretty…wait’s nose no pretty”
Me: “ok then”
MT: “mommy’s feet pretty”

MT: “my butt tiny..mommy butt BIG!”

MT: “thank you God for paint, paper, and chocolate milk! Amen”

Me: “mommy has a headache”
MT: “mommy needs coffee”

MT: “mommy me best friend”

Mini Thor ran up and climbed up in my lap…”me toot on mommy” and runs away giggling. I couldn’t help but laugh, little stinker.

Mini Thor was going potty and my phone starts ringing, I dash to grab it and come back seconds later to find him spinning in circles wrapping himself in toilet paper.
Me: “what are you doing, silly butt?” MT: “me cold”
Me: “I think putting your clothes back on would probably keep you warmer.”
And he dashed, or rather hobbled quickly, off giggling still wrapped up like a mummy.

I was attempting to sing the Diego theme song
MT: “No, that not how goes!”

No matter what kind of day I’ve had that little silly goose can always brighten my day. He makes life a magical adventure!

So when things get tough and you get stressed just remember to cherish the sweet moments and forget about the horrible Mondays 🙂

It’s amazing what making a silly face can do for your day. After all, laughter is the best medicine, right?!




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