Egg-citing Bath and Peeps S’mores!


Every holiday is full of excitement around here! We spend the time leading up to the actual holiday celebrating too. You’ll always find our windows decorated, we watch holiday movies, and we do holiday activities.

Check out one of our Easter activities……..
Glow-in-the-dark Egg the tub!

I purchased a pack of eggs at Walmart and some glow bracelets from the dollar tree

To make your glow eggs, activate the glow sticks and roll them to where they will fit into the egg.

Put the glow stick bracelets in eggs that match, (Orange glow stick in an orange egg, green glow stick in a green egg) for the maximum glow.
We had some dud glow sticks and there were a couple Mini Thor wanted to keep out so we ended up with about a dozen glowing eggs.

Then I ran a bubble bath (using California Baby Bubble Bath) and let water into the eggs so that they would float below the bubbles.

Mini Thor then hunted they eggs and lines them up on the bathtub ledge

After he had found all the eggs he dumped them back in the tub and played for a good while!

You could also hide the glowing eggs throughout your house and have an indoor egg hunt before bed!

We also had some more Easter fun by making s’more kits for Mini Thor to take to school (and we had to eat some too of course)

The inspiration came from this post by Live-Love-Pasta that gives directions on how to make s’mores out of peeps! (Mini Thor looooooves Peeps!)

Here’s the how to…
-Place chocolate on a graham cracker and top with a peep. We used blue bunnies.
-Microwave for 10-15 seconds.
-Top with another graham cracker.
-Enjoy the sweet gooey goodness!

We put the ingredients in bags with the instructions and a note saying “Hoppy Easter to my Peeps!” These would be cute additions to any Easter basket or gift!


Happy Easter from us! May your kiddos find lots of eggs!


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