Sick Day (again)


Mini Thor seems to be a germ magnet, the past few months he has been sick more than he has been well! The past couple days I’ve been home with him and we’ve been pretty much quarantined in the house.

You probably know how it goes, most of the time he just lays around but sometimes when the medicines are all kicked in at the same time he has a little energy and needs something to do.

We’ve played a lot of Legos

We built towers, houses, and all sorts creations!

Lego Duplo are great for sick day play because of how easy they are to clean, just fill a sink up with water and vinegar and soak and scrub em’. You can also use a natural cleaner, like Babyganics Toy Cleaner. (I love babyganics products!). If your kiddo is down with something contagious, cleaning the toys is important to prevent the spread of germs.

Kid friendly broad games are also a fun way to pass the time on a sick day! We love the Toy Story edition of Yahtzee Jr., it says 4+ but Mini Thor, who is 2 1/2 years old, plays it just fine.

The sad thing is, he almost always beats me!

We also do “feel better baths” at least once a day. This would be a bath using California Baby Eucalyptus Ease Bubble Bath, like in our previous sick day post. This stuff is amazing! We played with foam letters and numbers to keep him occupied so he would stay in the tub long enough for his fever to break and the aromatherapy from the bubble bath to work its magic.
He said that says “mommy.”


We also tried out something new, “Be Kool” Soft Gel Sheets. These are handy! They are stick on gel sheets that provide cooling relief without having to be put in the fridge first. You know how sometimes when you are sick you put a cool rag on your forehead or the back of your neck, these provide that same effect (and comfort) with no mess.

I cut them in half so they are a more suitable size for Mini Thor.

You just peel of the clear sheet off of the blue gel side and place them on your little one.

Mini Thor particularly likes them on the back of his neck, he says “ahhhhh” when I stick it on.

These will be something we keep stocked in the medicine cabinet right along side the children’s Motrin.

Hopefully little mister will be better soon. I tell you what, breathing treatments every 4 hours is no fun!



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