Bath Paints!


In my little home we do something fun everyday, after all smiles and giggles from a little one are pretty much the best thing ever! One activity that Mini Thor really loves is painting. I have stacks and stacks of his paintings. He even has a huge painting hanging in his room that he is super proud of.

He also loves taking baths and would probably stay in the tub all day if you’d let him. So why not combine two of his favorite things?! Thus the adventure of bath paint was born! I’d seen several recipes on Pinterest and we decided to try a recipe I found on More than ABC’s and 123’s it uses just three ingredients, cornstarch, baby wash/bubble bath, and food coloring!

We made our paint in an empty egg carton.
Here’s the how-to..
– Fill the openings halfway with baby wash (I used babyganics hypoallergenic bubble bath so that I knew it wouldn’t irritate his skin).
– Add 1/2 tsp of cornstarch to each
– Add 2 drops of food coloring to each and mix!
– Now it’s time to paint!

Mini Thor had a blast


And the best part washes off easily! You can just wipe it off with a wet rag or rinse with the shower! Mini Thor even cleaned his paint off himself by filling a cup with water and poring it on the shower wall. The paint just washed right off. So basically your bath tub can now be a never ending canvas for munchkin creativity!
This would also be a fun way to teach colors and let them experiment with what happens when you mix colors together!
Plus, if you encourage finger painting as well as brush painting this is a sensory activity too!
Don’t you just love it when learning is fun?!?!

I hope you get to make these paints soon,



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