Hotel Transylvania Movie Night

We recently purchased the movie Hotel Transylvania and it is wonderful! Mini Thor loves “hotel tansy-baya-baya” as he pronounces it! It has a great message about acceptance and is full of funny moments. Last night we had a Hotel Transylvania movie night with Granmomma and Aunt PeyPey because Granmomma loves the movie too.
And of course I thought we needed some spooky treats to go along with it…

Like Monster Punch (lime sherbet and sprite)

And Witch Fingers (Bugles)

And a worm filled graveyard!

This is pretty much your standard “dirt” recipe..
1 box of chocolate pudding (the larger size box) made according to the directions on the box
12 Oreos chopped up in the food processor.
– mix half in the the pudding
-reserve half for the topping
1 bag of gummy worms
1 Hershey’s Cookies’n’Cream candy bar.

Place some of the worms in the bottom of a square casserole dish.
Pour pudding and Oreo mixture in.
Top with remaining Oreos
Add more worms!
Break apart the candy bar and place two of the rectangles side by side to make the tombstones.

Simple as that!

Mini Thor and his Aunt PeyPey thought this was amazing. Aunt PeyPey ate a bunch of it!

I have a few ideas for some more movie nights, so keep an eye out for future post!

Bleh bleh bleh!


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